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5750 Downey Ave, #203, Lakewood, CA  90712

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Chronic Foot Pain & Heel Pain

If you have heel pain (plantar fasciitis or other foot joint pain) that has not been releived by pills, cortisone, injections, surgery or orthotics this in office treatment by be the answer for you.  Come for a full evaluation of your heel pain, heel spur, tendon pain, Achilles tendonitis, or Ankle or foot pain.  Autologus Conditioned Plasma (AC) or Platelet Rich Plasma injections for tendon and joint pain are available. Read more about PRP on the web.

PADnet Vascular Testing

Get evaluated on site and find out if you have lower extremity Peripheral Arterial disease (poor circulation) that may require treatment.  Get answers to why you may feet your legs cramping, painful, cold, or heavy when walking or at rest.

Diabetic Polyneuropathy

Get onsite evaluation of diabetic neuropathy, a burning, tingling, numbness, or painful foot condition. And get treatment that will make a difference!  DPN Nerve testing available in office, provides instant assessment results.

Welcome to the Dr. Edgar Abbes, DPM .com.  We put your family’s health and well being first. If you live in the Cerritos, Paramount, Lakewood, Compton, Bell, North Orange County,  Long Beach or South Los Angeles County area, you can stop by our offices for a complete Podiatric/Foot evaluation and consultation. Please browse our website for some of the exciting Podiatric care and services we offer. We now offer access to your medical records via Practice Fusion's PatientFusion.com webpage. Lots of new and wonderful things are happening in the field of Podiatric Medicine and we want you to benefit.  We provide the latest healthcare services and information for families like yours. We strive to offer the best advice and most current news to keep your family on their feet!


We are happy to offer advanced wound care treatments for diabetic foot and lower leg ulcers.  We work closely with vascular interventionists and vascular surgeons to treat vascular disease as it affects the foot.  We offer management of chronic ulcers with treatments including but not limited to: application of prescription wound healing topical hormone therapy (platelet derived growth hormone), application of tissue grafts (allografts & xenografts), collagen wound products,  and surgical interventions to expedite slow healing or hard to heal diabetic foot ulcers and venous insufficiency ulcers.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

In office diagnosic ultrasound is available to visualize soft tissue masses, ligament injury to tears, and heel spur and heel pain evaluation.  Find our right away if your injury is mild or severe. 

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